Become A DRD Lifeguard

A Rewarding Opportunity

Are you looking for a summer job that provides exciting challenges, teaches responsibility, and provides opportunities to meet new friends in a healthy outdoor environment? Then DRD is for you! Why not consider becoming a DRD lifeguard?


DRD is recruiting motivated individuals who are willing to work hard to complete the high standards of
the training program and meet the high expectations of a DRD lifeguard. With comprehensive training
and extensive on-the-job support, DRD lifeguards become self-confident individuals who develop
leadership skills.

As a DRD lifeguard, you will have the opportunity to work with friends, enjoy a flexible work schedule,
receive competitive compensation, and experience leadership opportunities.

We will carefully assess your abilities and personality to closely match you with a pool that will enable
you to have an enjoyable and rewarding work experience.

As a DRD lifeguard, you will receive lifeguard training prior to the summer, on-site training at the
beginning of the summer, and supervisory support throughout the summer.

To become a DRD lifeguard, you must successfully complete a comprehensive lifeguard training program. But first, you must meet some basic qualifying standards:

• Be 15 years of age
• Complete 200 yards continuous swim: 50 yards of breaststroke with a rescue tube, 50 yards of front crawl, and 100 yards of your choice
• You must be able to retrieve a submerged object that weighs a minimum of 10 pounds
• Tread water for one minute without using your hands